Theft Crimes

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Theft Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada Challenges Prosecutors


Many types of misconduct can be prosecuted as theft crimes but there are numerous defenses that can be brought. Whether you’ve been accused of shoplifting, embezzlement, identity theft or any other wrongful taking of property, Miley Law Firm, P.C. can develop a sound strategy tailored to the facts in your case. Located in Las Vegas, my firm thoroughly reviews the facts in all theft-related cases. Regardless of how difficult the challenge, I will make every effort to secure a dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea agreement.


Often, the seriousness of the charge and potential punishment in a theft case is linked to the value of what was allegedly stolen. My criminal defense firm handles defense of the full range of such crimes, including:

  • Grand larceny and petit larceny — As of July 1, 2020, the amount required for classification as felony grand larceny in Nevada is $1,200, an increase from the previous standard of $650. Grand larceny carries a minimum one-year prison term and a sentence of as long as 10 years if the item stolen is worth at least $10,000. Crimes such as shoplifting or pickpocketing usually are considered misdemeanor petit larceny.
  • Embezzlement — Someone in a position of control over the funds of a business or an individual is guilty of embezzlement if they improperly divert those funds toward personal use. Punishment is based on the value of the funds diverted.
  • Auto theft — A first offense for grand larceny of a motor vehicle is a Category C felony. Under the standard effective on July 1, 2020, the potential sentence runs for one to five years. If the theft occurred as part of a carjacking, additional counts and penalties could apply.
  • Robbery and burglary — People sometimes confuse robbery and burglary. Robbery requires an actual or attempted theft involving the use or threat of force. Burglary entails breaking and entering into someone else’s property with the intent to commit a felony (usually, but not always, theft). Robbery, attempted robbery and burglary are all Category B felonies, and convicted defendants face between one and 10 years in prison.
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft — Using someone else’s personal identifying information to illegally access their credit card account or other records and assets could land you in 20 years of incarceration, depending on a range of circumstances.

Whatever type of theft allegation is brought against you, I forcefully counter the accusations and the prosecution’s evidence.


When someone is originally granted legal use or possession of a property but later is found to have treated the property as their own, they may be prosecuted for theft by conversion. This type of charge often arises in rental properties, such as when a tenant refuses to surrender the property at the end of their lease term or takes possession of the property under false pretenses. You could also be charged if someone believes they loaned something to you but you believe that you were given ownership. The person or business accusing you of theft may be mistaken about the nature of the transaction or may be making claims that are not true. Whatever the situation, my firm will make every effort to demonstrate your innocence of this crime and to raise other appropriate defenses.

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