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Miley Law Firm ensures that you will get the highest level of expertise to assist you in your Las Vegas legal problems backed by the founder Edward R. Miley. Since 2002, the Miley Law Firm has been providing exceptional Las Vegas criminal law, family law and juvenile criminal law representation to individuals.

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Miley Law Firm’s Las Vegas lawyers are sensitive to clients’ needs. While listening to each client’s individual concerns regarding criminal, divorce or personal injury cases, we are dedicated to providing a seasoned, experienced team that will help in getting your desired results.

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For Las Vegas, Nevada juvenile crimes and delinquency representation, Edward R. Miley and his team of experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers are ready to serve you and your loved one.


Minors accused of delinquency offenses in juvenile court could also face adult criminal charges in certain situations. Young defendants in either position reserve the right to an attorney like any other American citizen.


When it comes to safeguarding the rights of those accused of criminal charges, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys are highly experienced at every stage of the case from arrest to trial.


When seeking legal counsel for a battery or other violence-related arrests, it’s vital for you to find the correct criminal defense attorney to represent you.


To ensure that each party in the divorce gets fair treatment and the result is an amicable split, it is strongly advised that a divorce attorney should be hired.


The skilled family law attorneys at Miley Law Firm have handled hundreds of Las Vegas custody cases and are available to fight for you today.

Are you having any problems but can’t consult with anyone?

Talk to us! Call Now for a consultation! (702) 942-0600

Juvenile Criminal Law

We know that a child or young adult being accused of a criminal charge is difficult for everyone. Whether you or a juvenile you know have been accused of criminal charges, our Las Vegas defense attorneys are here to guide juveniles and their families through the system. We vow to put our years of experience and expertise to use for you in order to reach the best possible outcome of your case.

Child Custody

We undertake each case personally and professionally represent parents in child custody proceedings. If your divorce includes custody or visitation queries, the Las Vegas divorce attorneys of Miley Law Firm administer experienced assistance to ensure a stable environment for your kids. We help lessen the burden and stress a divorce may put upon a family.

Las Vegas Divorce

Having an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney on your side is essential. The knowledgeable family law attorneys at Miley Law Firm have helped hundreds of clients through their divorce and can help you today.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Miley Law Firm Las Vegas attorneys and Edward R. Miley himself have detailed understanding of Nevada’s automobile, insurance and liability laws, meaning that his law firm knows the different sources of recovery available for car accident victims and their families. Mr. Miley and his team of Las Vegas attorneys attain various theories of liability that enable victims to collect from the parties who caused them harm.


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