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Las Vegas White Collar Crime Lawyer Defends Against Federal and State Charges


Federal and state law prohibit a variety of fraudulent activities described as “white collar crimes,” which involve the taking of money or property by nonviolent means. The investigators and prosecutors who pursue these types of cases are skilled and well-prepared, and defendants need an equally knowledgeable and hardworking attorney to defend them. If you are accused of one of those crimes, you can count on the Miley Law Firm, P.C. to provide you with the skilled representation you need to have on your side.


Many white collar cases are prosecuted under federal criminal fraud statutes, which cover a wide range of dishonest activity undertaken for financial gain. Common types of federal white-collar crimes are:

  • Mail fraud — Using the U.S. mail for illegal or deceitful purposes.
  • Wire fraud — Using radio, television, the internet or other communications technologies to perpetrate an illegal scheme. Cybercrimes, such as computer hacking, phishing and other schemes perpetrated over the internet, are forms of wire fraud.
  • Tax fraud — Evading taxes by failing to file a tax return or by filing an inaccurate one.
  • Bank fraud — Diverting funds from a financial institution by misrepresentation, forgery or other illegal means.
  • Securities fraud — Intentionally misrepresenting or omitting material information in the purchase or sale of securities, such as by insider trading and employing Ponzi schemes.
  • Bankruptcy fraud — Intentionally concealing assets, providing fraudulent documents, embezzling money from a bankruptcy estate or bribing a bankruptcy trustee or other official.
  • Medicaid and Medicare fraud — Obtaining or attempting to obtain Medicaid or Medicare payments for unprovided or overbilled services.
  • Money laundering — Concealing an illicit source of money by transferring or reinvesting the funds.
  • RICO violations — Engaging in a pattern of criminal conduct or conspiring with someone else to do so.

Any of these crimes may be punished by prison, fines and payment of restitution to the victims. However, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to work out a plea deal that includes minimal incarceration or an alternative to jail. I closely examine the government’s conduct and the facts of the case with a view to challenging illegally obtained evidence, building an alternative picture in favor of the defense and defending my clients zealously at trial or working out a favorable plea deal.


While state and federal white collar crimes can overlap, state charges are usually brought in circumstances where federal authorities lack jurisdiction or decline to prosecute. Nevada has its own set of criminal laws aimed at white collar crimes, including:

  • Identity theft — Using the personal information of another person for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining credit, property or services or aiding or abetting another person to obtain such information, including through commission of cybercrimes.
  • Forgery — Creating or altering a document for fraudulent purposes.
  • Insurance fraud — Making false representations in an insurance application or claim for benefits or using fraud to deny benefits to another person who is entitled to them.
  • Embezzlement — Using a position of trust, such as that of a manager, bookkeeper, accountant, trustee or personal guardian, to steal money.

Punishments for these crimes normally involve prison time, fines, restitution and reimbursement of the costs of prosecution. If you are charged with a state white collar crime, I will defend you vigorously and pursue all options for reduction of charges, mitigation of sentencing and alternatives to incarceration.

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