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Sex Crimes Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada Safeguards Clients’ Rights


Allegations involving sexual offenses present unique considerations, challenges and consequences that require the attention of a skillful lawyer. A conviction not only leads to standard types of criminal punishment but can also trigger listing on the Nevada Sex Offender Registry. If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, misconduct involving a child or another type of sex crime, you need to mount a carefully prepared defense. Miley Law Firm, P.C. in Las Vegas delivers strong counsel to counter accusations that could lead to a significant prison sentence and permanent harm to your reputation.


My firm represents Nevada clients who are facing charges relating to improper acts of a sexual nature, such as:

  • Sexual assault — What is known in some jurisdictions as rape is referred to as sexual assault under the Nevada code. Even if a potential attack is thwarted, battery with intent to commit sexual assault is a Category A felony crime, carrying a potential 25-year to life prison term. Even if you have a prior relationship with your accuser, you need to bring on a qualified legal advocate to protect your rights rather than trying to resolve the situation on your own.
  • Statutory sexual seduction and other crimes involving children — Statutory sexual seduction occurs when someone younger than 16 has sexual relations with an adult prior to reaching the age of consent. Even where there is no intercourse, a lewd act directed toward a child can be a Category A or B felony (with a potential two to 20-year sentence) depending the age of the youth and the defendant’s record.
  • Prostitution and solicitation — Unlike in some other parts of Nevada, in Clark County it is a misdemeanor crime to engage in prostitution or to hire someone to do so. The exception is when someone solicits a minor in order to commit a sexual act, which is a Category E felony, carrying one to four years in jail. If you’ve been charged with prostitution or solicitation, my firm will work to resolve the matter promptly and without unduly harsh punishment.

In addition to facing time in prison, you also will be added to the state’s sex crime registry if you are convicted of sexual assault, statutory sexual seduction or various other sex-crime felony charges. With consequences that could affect the rest of your life, it is vitally important to retain a criminal defense attorney with an established track record in these matters.


Crimes stemming from accusations of unwanted sexual contact can be complicated to defend. Sometimes, there may be evidence that the purported victim consented to the activity in question or that they made a false allegation because of underlying problems in a relationship. I understand the importance that might lie in seemingly small details. Through a detailed review of the circumstances and skillful witness questioning, I have the ability to find the truth of what actually occurred and present it in court. Relatively recent changes in Nevada law extend the statute of limitations in cases of alleged sexual assault to 20 years, but if there has been a long delay in reporting a case against you, there may be grounds for dismissing it.

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Miley Law Firm, P.C. defends clients who have been charged with sexual offenses in Nevada courts and the federal judicial system. If you have been accused of this type of crime, please call 702-942-0600 or contact me online to make an appointment. My office is located in Las Vegas.

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