Federal Criminal Charges

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Las Vegas Federal Criminal Lawyer Stands Up for the Accused


If you’re facing charges from a United States attorney, it is critical to find an attorney who is familiar with the federal criminal justice system. Miley Law Firm in Las Vegas advocates on behalf of Nevada clients in a wide array of matters tried in federal court, including cases involving allegations of white-collar crimes, drug transactions, weapons offenses and sexual trafficking. When convictions are obtained in U.S. District Courts, judges are usually bound by strict mandatory sentencing guidelines. I have the skill and experience to raise formidable defenses to the charges brought against you.


Most criminal matters are handled by state courts, but federal statutes bar misconduct that typically involves interstate activity, violates someone’s constitutional rights or occurs on land owned by the United States, such as national parks. Specific types of cases that are frequently adjudicated in federal court include prosecutions of:

  • White-collar crimes — Using the internet, telephone or postal system to communicate in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme constitutes a federal crime. Many issues relating to embezzlement, internet-related misconduct and other white-collar offenses hinge on the interpretation of certain documents and online materials. My firm is capable of skillful handling the most complex cases.
  • Sex crimes — Though crimes relating to sexual assault and prostitution are typically prosecuted in state court, some crimes of a sexual nature can invoke federal charges. Bringing someone into the country or from one state to another in order to have them engage in sex work violates United States law, as does the transportation of someone under the age of 18 for immoral purposes.
  • Weapons charges — Under federal law, felons are not permitted to carry firearms. I advocate on behalf of people accused of violating that statute. I also defend against charges of illegal multistate weapons sales and use of guns to attack or threaten victims.

Failing to understand the relationship between state and federal charges could lead to an unwelcome surprise. For example, you could be acquitted of a state assault charge but then face prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s office on a charge that the incident violated the alleged victim’s civil rights. With my decades of experience practicing criminal defense, I can help accused Nevadans with the full scope of the allegations against them. I am familiar with the procedures used in both judicial systems and confidently assert the rights of clients in any forum.


There is overlap between state and federal drug crimes, as well as some contradiction now that Nevada has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. However, if a fact pattern includes alleged interstate transactions or transport, there is a higher likelihood that a U.S. Attorney will bring the case. Whether the charges against you concern possession, trafficking or manufacture of a controlled substance, they must be countered vigorously because the federal courts usually lack the flexibility that state court judges have in sentencing. When you retain my firm to represent you, I will work immediately on constructing the strongest defense possible.

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