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Gun Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada Defends Firearm Owners


As an “open carry” state, Nevada permits residents possessing guns to hold them in a visible location on their bodies nearly anywhere. Still, there are specific places where firearms are prohibited and concealing your weapon without a permit is also a crime. Moreover, an assault committed by using a gun to threaten or injure someone result in a harsh penalty. At Miley Law Firm, P.C. in Las Vegas, I have defended the rights of firearm owners and other accused clients for more than two decades. If you’re facing a charge relating to the possession, use or improper sale of a weapon, you can count on my firm to take on prosecutors looking to restrict your freedom.


Due to the threat that guns pose when they get into the wrong hands, penalties can be serious if the rules that govern them are violated. If you’ve been arrested in connection with any type of state or federal weapons charge, my criminal defense firm is prepared to battle on your behalf. I provide effective counsel on various types of gun-crime matters, including:

  • Concealed vs. open carry authorization — Carrying a handgun can lead to criminal consequences depending on a number of circumstances. Anyone at least 18 years old who is not barred from owning a gun due to a felony conviction or some other reason may carry a holstered weapon as long as it is not hidden by clothing. If you wish to keep your gun concealed, you must receive a permit from your county of residence. Holding a concealed weapon without proper authorization is a Category C felony, which can result in a prison sentence of up to five years.
  • Specific establishments where firearm possession can be unlawful — Nevada law bars individuals from bringing guns into public schools, courtrooms and a few other types of facilities. You could also face federal charges if you’re found with a weapon in an airport or military post without proper approval.
  • Improper sales of guns and other weapons — Rules on background checks and other provisions pertaining to gun sales are complex. In federal and state prosecutions, I assist defendants who are accused of breaking the law during weapons transactions.
  • Use of firearms in the commission of crimes — The presence of a firearm, explosive device or other type of weapon might lead to aggravated charges and enhanced punishments in assault and battery cases. If you believe that you’re unjustly being accused of using or threatening to use a gun, my firm will press to have the allegations dismissed.
  • Individuals prohibited from owning guns — In addition to felons, people who have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, adjudicated as mentally ill or who are in the United States illegally may not own a gun.

For strong representation in matters arising from these allegations and others, you can count on my firm whether you’re being prosecuted in state or federal court.

Contact a dedicated Nevada lawyer regarding your defense against a weapons charge

Miley Law Firm, P.C. advocates on behalf of individuals who have been accused of a gun crime or some other weapons-related charge. If you require assistance for this type of matter, please call 702-942-0600 or contact me online. My office is located in Las Vegas.

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