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Las Vegas Juvenile Defense Lawyer Protects the Rights of Young People


Anyone charged with misconduct is entitled to a strong defense, but when the accused is a child, special considerations apply. Nevada’s juvenile justice system recognizes this reality and is designed to resolve cases stemming from alleged unlawful acts by giving young people the tools they need to correct their behavior rather than subjecting them to punishment. Since 2002, the Miley Law Firm, P.C. in Las Vegas has provided experienced support to youthful defendants in a full range of juvenile proceedings. As a seasoned juvenile defense lawyer, I am committed to helping families understand their options and advocating for a suitable disposition for their child.


I advocate on behalf of subject minors on a full range of cases, including situations stemming from purported alcohol-related offenses, shoplifting, gang crimes, malicious mischief and matters pertaining to allegations of:

  • Drug crimes — Increasingly, authorities are realizing that harsh punishment often is counterproductive for individuals charged with drug crimes, especially when the person involved is a juvenile. When a youth has a substance abuse problem, juvenile drug court offers solutions that combine treatment with mentoring, family counseling and other services to get at the true cause behind a possession or use charge.
  • Sex crimes — Charges involving explicit images or unwanted contact of a sexual nature demand serious counsel from a qualified defense attorney. Even sending a picture of one’s own body qualifies a young person as a child in need of supervision. Repeat offenders, children who send images of others and youths accused of assault face findings of delinquency and the possibility of detention and sex offender status. In these matters, I thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the allegations to help prevent clients from being harmed by unwarranted allegations.
  • Underage DUI — For drivers under the age of 21, even a blood alcohol concentration of .02 percent can trigger a drunk driving charge. This might also be combined with a count for unlawfully purchasing, consuming or possessing an alcoholic beverage while underage.

In these types of cases and others, my firm provides strong counsel for clients in the juvenile justice system as well as criminal defense representation when someone who is legally a child is tried as adult due to the nature of the alleged offense.


Organized under Nevada’s Division of Child and Family Services, juvenile services offer several alternatives to residential detention within one of the state’s three youth centers. A key principle is that family engagement is a critical aspect to correcting youthful misconduct, so options such as diversion, monitoring and community supervision often serve everyone’s interests by allowing a child to remain at home while complying with an accountability program. This is especially true for first-time offenders. As a seasoned advocate, I make sure clients and their families have the representation they need to secure an outcome that helps youths move beyond their troubles, whether that is probation, diversion or some other type of disposition.

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The Miley Law Firm, P.C. advises Nevada families on juvenile justice matters, such as charges relating to drug and DUI offenses. To make an appointment for a consultation in my Las Vegas office, please call 702-942-0600 or contact me online.

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