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Las Vegas Expungement Attorney Works to Get Clients a Fresh Start


Justice is served when a person convicted of a crime completes the sentence imposed by the judge. Unfortunately, a criminal record might continue to restrict that person’s freedom long after the official punishment has ended. Located in Las Vegas, Miley Law Firm, P.C. works with individuals and families on expungement issues so that arrests and convictions from years ago aren’t used against you when you’re looking for a job or a place to live. Not every count can be erased, but if you are eligible for relief, I will guide you through the record-sealing process.


As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I know how one mistake in a person’s background often has nothing to do with kind of person they are. By assisting you with the record-sealing process, my firm makes sure that past indiscretions cannot be seen by potential employers, landlords or anyone else except for public agencies with specific authorization. In Clark County or elsewhere in the state, I file the necessary documents and supporting information to help secure expungement for:

  • Records relating to misdemeanors — One year after you have completed the sentence for a misdemeanor crime, the record usually can be sealed unless the nature of the offense bars it from being expunged. This waiting period is doubled for gross misdemeanors, as well as misdemeanors involving battery or stalking.
  • Certain felony crime records — Nevada separates felonies into different categories. For a Category E felony, you must wait two years after release from correctional supervision (which can include parole or probation) to apply for expungement. For felonies in Categories B through D, along with felony crimes related to Medicaid fraud, domestic violence and drunk driving, seven years must pass before a record is sealed. The Category A waiting period is 10 years.
  • Arrest records where there was no conviction — If you were put into custody in connection with an alleged crime but were never convicted, that information still might be used against you. In a situation where you were found not guilty or had your charges dismissed, I can petition immediately for expungement of the pertinent arrest records. Where no case was brought, I can seek this relief once the statute of limitations expires.
  • Juvenile records — Typically, justice system information about offenses committed by juveniles is automatically sealed once the individual turns 21 years of age. There are exceptions for serious crimes involving sexual misconduct and felonies stemming from actual or threatened violence.

Certain types of felony convictions cannot be expunged no matter how much time has passed or how clean the subject’s record may be. These include crimes against children, sexual offenses and felony convictions for driving under the influence. If you are unsure about whether you meet the qualifications for expungement under Nevada law, I will review the circumstances and outline your options.

Contact a thorough Las Vegas lawyer regarding a potential expungement

Miley Law Firm, P.C. advises clients in Clark County and the surrounding areas regarding expungements and the sealing of criminal records under Nevada law. To discuss your matter at my Las Vegas office, please call 702-942-0600 or contact me online.

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