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Miley Law Firm ensures that you will get the highest level of expertise to assist you in your Las Vegas legal problems back by the founder Edward R. Miley. Since 2002, the Miley Law Firm has been providing exceptional Las Vegas criminal law, family law and juvenile criminal law representation to individuals. Attorney Edward R. Miley has the professional criminal attorney skills and practical experience required to provide superior legal representation.

Miley Law Firm’s Las Vegas lawyers are sensitive to client’s needs. While listening to each client’s individual concerns regarding criminal, divorce or personal injury cases, we are dedicated to providing seasoned experienced team that will help in getting your desired results. With a proven track record, skill, knowledge and proficiency, Miley Law Firm and its Las Vegas attorneys hope to provide solutions, not problems. We use our professional and ethical legal counsel to achieve results that are also cost-effective.

For experience and sound legal counsel from expert Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys and divorce attorneys, call the professionals at Miley Law Firm today.



Family Law

Looking for a family law Las Vegas attorney? Miley Law Firm has the right Las Vegas Divorce Attorney specialists to help you.

Criminal Defense

It’s important for Las Vegas residents to hire proper counsel like the Miley Law Firm to avoid strict penalties against their permanent records.

Juvenile Defense

Minors accused of delinquency offenses in juvenile court could also face adult criminal charges in certain situations. Young defendants in either position.

Why choose Miley Law Firm?

Why choose us to be your Las Vegas lawyer? When it comes to criminal law, family law or juvenile law, we will defend your rights. Passing the state bar admission test in 1996, Edward Miley founded the Law Firm in 2002 and has continued to provide exceptional legal representation to individuals in Las Vegas since. This Las Vegas Attorney, Edward R. Miley, has been serving Las Vegas since 1995.


Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury

Miley Law Firm’s Las Vegas attorneys represent individuals and the families of individuals.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Serious car and other motor vehicle accidents require the legal guidance of experienced Las Vegas.

Drunk Driving / DUI

Protect your right to own and operate a vehicle with the help of Las Vegas criminal defense.



“Miley! What a wonderful job you did in seeing this case to a resolution. I appreciate your diligence, professionalism, and extraordinary efforts to assist your clients. You offered helpful suggestions at pivotal times during the mediation and kept the settlement on track. Because of your hard work, a solution was possible. Many thanks.”

Howard K. Stern
Howard K. Stern

Miley Law Firm has helped me with several cases. Always very professional, knowledgeable, and timely. They are not your standard “settle first ask questions later” type of firm. I have not had any billing complaints with them (I have with other companies). They are the best firm that I have worked with!