Your Non-resident Criminal Charges Questions Answered Part One

Your Non-resident Criminal Charges Questions Answered Part One

Out of state criminal charges are something that you just simply cannot ignore. How do non-resident criminal charges work? The state where the alleged crime occurred is the state that officially has jurisdiction to prosecute the offense. For example if you are accused of being in possession of drugs in Nevada but reside in California, Nevada is the one who has authority to press charges.

Do you have to appear in court for a non-resident misdemeanor trial?

If you are an out of state resident who has been charged with a misdemeanor it is highly advised that you hire a local attorney in the area who can appear for you. The ability to hire a local attorney to appear for the defendant in criminal cases varies per state, but is usually allowed. If you are able to this is generally the best option, this way you can avoid the burden of the cost of traveling back and forth between states or miss days at work. Call us today to represent you at your out of state misdemeanor trial, we will stay in constant contact and keep you updated with the ongoing of your case.

What happens to your license if you are convicted of an out of state DUI?

Although the state that you are in when charged with a DUI doesn’t have immediate jurisdiction to suspend or revoke your out of state driver’s license most states in the United States has entered into an agreement known at the interstate compact. The interstate compact, commonly referred to as the driver license compact, essentially means that your home state DMV will treat your out of state DUI as though it occurred there. Depending on the state in which you reside and the DUI that it occurred in it is likely that your driving privileges will be revoked.

What could happen if you are convicted of out of state solicitation?

If you have been convicted of out of state prostitution it will appear in your records and make it difficult for you to earn a living as a performer. Since most high-end gentleman’s clubs won’t allow you to perform in their club it could be devastating to your career. It is important to know your rights and choose an attorney who will fight for you. Here at Miley Law Firm we will work tirelessly to ensure that we provide you with the best defense possible.

What happens if you are accused of an out of state felony?

The first step in the court process usually begins with a bail hearing. If you live out of state the judge will most likely require you to post bail since it will guarantee that you will return to court for further proceedings. If you, the defendant, appears in court as required your bail will be refunded back to you. However, if you don’t appear it is likely that you will not only be arrested and held in custody until your trial but your bail will also not be returned to you. If you flee the state and miss the court date the judge will issue an arrest, meaning that you will be reported to the national database and can be arrested if pulled over and will be flagged as a criminal when your background is checked for any jobs, housing, loans, etc. There is a chance that you could even be expedited and forcibly taken back to the state in which the crime was committed and sit in jail until trial.

If convicted of a felony it will become public record and may make it difficult to find a job, qualify for a loan, or be approved for housing. Let our team of expert attorneys keep your record clean and keep you out of jail. We are committed to providing non-judgemental legal aid to anyone, regardless of the alleged crime. Call us today for aconsultation: 702-942-0600.