World Records For Marriage and Divorce

World Records For Marriage and Divorce

Here at Miley Law we pride ourselves on our exceptional services at divorce attorneys in Las Vegas. This week we bring you some truly incredible facts: Guinness Book of World Record Holders for marriage and divorce.

Longest Marriage: Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher hold the record for longest marriage with 86 years of matrimony under their belts. The two both lived past 100 years old, and have certainly watched the world change around them.

Shortest Marriage: A few years ago a man in Dubai wed a woman and divorced her mere seconds after. He stepped out of court where he got married and stepped into another court next door and divorced her. He told the judge that the ink from his pen on the marriage license had not yet dried.

Most Married Woman: Linda Wolfe married 23 times. The first marriage when she was 16 was for love, and her last to preacher Glynn “Scotty” Wolfe was for publicity, as he was the most married man in the world. Through the years she’s married a convict, a homeless man, a musician and a plumber. She married one of her husbands three different times. Looking back she said, “Just get married the once, and stay married. I have not had a bed of roses, believe me.”

Most Expensive Wedding: If you think one hundred million dollars is a lot of money today, think of how much it was back in 1981! Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and his bride Princess Salama hold the world’s record for the most expensive wedding. A custom stadium was built for 20,000 guests, and sheiks, princes, and ambassadors were flown in on 34 private jets. The price tag was $100 million.

In your personal life you may not be looking to set any world records, but a team of highly motivated divorce attorneys in Las Vegas is available to you at Miley Law. Contact us for aconsultation to get your divorce under way.



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