The Gray Area of Time Between Your Marriage and Divorce

The Gray Area of Time Between Your Marriage and Divorce

It’s a long and arduous journey from a separation to a divorce. It can be longer than expected to move from the point where you and your estranged spouse decide that you want a divorce, to when the law physically and legally releases you from your marriage. If you want a Las Vegas divorce as quickly as possible, it is recommended that you comply with all your divorce attorney in Las Vegas asks of you, and that there is an open and compliant communication between you and your spouse. The more agreeable you can both be about the splitting of possessions and money, the faster the proceedings will go.

Regardless of what needs to be done, a divorce takes time and is a great period of transition. Perhaps the most difficult part of obtaining a divorce is when you have mentally and emotionally distanced yourself from your spouse, but the law still legally binds you as married.

Such is the case for reality television star Khloe Kardashian and her estranged husband, ex-NBA player Lamar Odom. The two wed in September of 2009, after one month of dating. But due to drug habits, their marriage crumbled quickly, and in December of 2013, Khloe filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. The two both signed divorce papers in July of 2015.

On Tuesday October 13, 2015, Lamar was discovered in a brothel outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, unconscious. An ambulance transported him to a Las Vegas hospital, where Khloe flew immediately to be by his side. Odom is still in a coma, due to a drug overdose. Khloe has been making all of his medical care decisions. Why would an ex-spouse be allowed to make executive decisions for her ex-husband’s care? Because they’re actually still married.

Lamar stalled for months, refusing to sign divorce papers, but they finally came together in July of 2015 to sign them. The problem is, the judge still hasn’t signed off on their divorce due to a backlog of files. It’s estimated that their divorce will be finalized by the end of this year, but that makes it nearly two years of separation without being able to legally move on from their marriage. And now that Lamar is in the hospital? “It is not final until it is final. They are still a married couple in the eyes of the law,” legal expert Troy Slaten tells E! News. Khloe is still legally Lamar’s next of kin, and is making all medical decisions at this time. Odom remains in a critical condition coma, where he has most likely suffered brain damage.

What does this mean for Khloe, should Lamar Odom pass away? Khloe would be in charge of his fortune. “If Lamar were to pass away, because she does not need anything from him, I doubt that she would take anything in his will or estate, and she would defer everything to his children,” says Troy Slaten.

This would be a heartbreaking experience for anyone to go through, but is possibly made worse by the fact that while part of Ms. Kardashian is ready to move on, she feels a responsibility to be there supporting Odom and his family because she is still legally bound to him.

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