Spousal Support Factors, Duration and Modification

Spousal Support Factors, Duration and Modification

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MIley Law Divorce Attorneys Las Vegas: Alimony Factors, Payments and Modifications.

There are multiple factors that affect alimony payments in Nevada. It is important to have a Las Vegas family attorney to help you understand the alimony and reach a fair spousal support agreement.

There is no general framework that determines how much alimony one spouse may have to pay. Each case is different and it is up to the judge to determine what is just and equitable. Factors that judge would consider includes: the financial situations of each spouse, the length of the marriage, the spouses’ occupations and their potential earnings, the training needs of the spouse receiving alimony, and the standard of living prior to divorce.

The paying spouse may need to pay ongoing payments or a lump sum. If the paying spouse is paying ongoing payments they typically continue until the death of either spouse or the spouse receiving payments remarries. For rehabilitative support, a specific amount is typically determined that allows the receiving spouse an appropriate amount of time to become self-sufficient.

Sometimes spousal support may be modified. For instance if the paying spouse’s income changes by 20 percent. Either spouse can requested for the alimony modifications.

To find out more information on the types of spousal support, check out this blog post. If you need spousal support assistance and a qualified divorce attorney in Las Vegas, the Miley Law Firm will put their years of experience and know how to work for you. Please contact the Miley Law office Las Vegas today at 702-942-0600.