Second and Third DUI Offenses

Being convicted of a DUI is extremely inconvenient and has potential to have serious consequences. Being convicted of a second or third offense can result in even more serious punishments and can be a major inconveniences on daily life. Hiring an experienced lawyer is crucial to reducing your sentence.

Second Offense Penalties for DUI Convictions in Nevada:

The minimum amount of jail time for a person convicted of a second DUI is 10 days while the maximum is six months. Fines may cost anywhere from $675 to $1,175. A second DUI offense will result in a one year loss of license. The court may order 100 to 200 hours of community service, treatment programs, a breath interlock device for six to 12 months and other penalties.

Third or More Offenses Penalties for DUI Convictions in Nevada:

A conviction of three or more offenses within 7 years of the first felony can result in the following penalties: a minimum or one year of jail time, a maximum of six years. Fines can range anywhere from $2,085 to $5,085. A person convicted of three or more DUIs in seven years can lose their license for three years. Other penalties may include, 12 to 36 months with a breath interlock device, or must attend a victim impact panel as well as other consequences.