Many soon-to-be spouses consider prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, especially when one spouse may be significantly wealthy or own their own business. Other reasons for a prenuptial agreement may include one spouse having children or grandchildren from another marriage, one spouse may have elderly parents that require care, or one spouse may later receive inheritance of significant value. Often times, prenuptial agreements are not enforced in Clark County courts, which is why it is important to have an experienced Las Vegas family law attorney draft the prenuptial agreement for you.

A prenuptial agreement is enforceable despite how old it is or the state it was implemented as long as it was drafted properly. A prenuptial agreement is legitimate when both spouses completely disclose income details. Both spouses agreed to either be represented by a prenuptial lawyer or both waived the the right to representation in writing. The agreement cannot overly favor one spouse and must be determined fair and the prenuptial agreement cannot affect the right to child support.

A prenuptial agreement is considered unenforceable is a spouse involuntarily signed or they did not completely disclose financial details. If the agreement favors one spouse to another that is considered unfair.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement Ed Miley at the Las Vegas family law office will ensure an enforceable agreement. If you have any questions contact the best family lawyer in Las Vegas today at 702-942-0600 or visit our website.

Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements except they are implemented after the marriage. It is similar to the prenuptial agreement where it settles a family’s assets in case of divorce or death. A postnuptial agreement is useful for those who are considering divorce. If you have any questions please contact Ed Miley at the Las Vegas family law offices at 702-942-0600.