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Las Vegas Paternity Lawyer Helps Solve Questions of Parenthood


Children deserve to have the love and financial support of their fathers, but sometimes fatherhood is unknown or contested. When the parental bond is in doubt, a paternity suit may be brought to resolve the issue. Whether you are a mother seeking child support, a father seeking to confirm his parental rights or a man who claims to be falsely accused of fathering a child, Miley Law Firm, P.C. has the skill and legal knowledge to effectively represent you.


Paternity, the biological connection between a father and his child, must be proven in order to establish the father’s rights and responsibilities regarding a child born out of wedlock. That legal relationship can be crucial in several respects, such as:

  • To prove children’s rights to inherit from their fathers
  • To help children recover benefits from their fathers’ Social Security accounts
  • To prove children’s rights to child support from their fathers
  • To provide children with information about their genetic makeup, which might be important for treating medical conditions
  • To promote and maintain father-child bonds

Moreover, a paternity action may allow an alleged father to prove that he is not related to the child or help a man prove that he is the father. Whatever interest you have at stake, a seasoned family law practitioner can advise you on the procedures and potential outcomes of a paternity case.


In Nevada, if the parents agree on the paternity of a child, they can sign a voluntary acknowledgement before a notary and file it with the state. If they disagree, a paternity case may be filed in court before the child’s 21st birthday by:

  • The child’s mother
  • A man claiming to be the child’s father
  • The child’s guardian or legal custodian
  • The Nevada State Welfare Division, if the child is receiving state financial assistance

The court may order DNA tests of the child, mother and putative father to prove or disprove paternity. It can then issue an order in accordance with the results. If a father refuses to take a DNA test, the court will presume that he is the father. Also, if a child is born during marriage or within 10 months of divorce or of the husband’s death, the court will presume that the husband is the father. As such, legal paternity may not necessarily be the same as biological paternity.

If you wish to establish paternity, I can prepare an appropriate voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form or, if necessary, represent you in a paternity action. Whether you are claiming or denying a child’s paternity, I have the experience and knowledge to help you resolve this important question.

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