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Juvenile Law is an area of expertise of the experienced Juvenile Law lawyers at Miley Law Firm in Las Vegas. The main objective of the juvenile law attorneys at Miley Law Firm is to help juveniles avoid having a juvenile record. In many cases, having a record can result in expulsion from school especially when a crime occurred on school premises. Even when expulsion is averted, a juvenile record follows adolescents into adulthood and can adversely affect their lives. Attorney Edward R. Miley is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who helps his clients in both the juvenile courts and the adult criminal courts throughout Clark County and the greater Las Vegas area.

We have a unique set of laws pertaining to criminal offenses committed by juveniles, and we are highly knowledgeable in practicing those laws. The highly-skilled juvenile law team will work with families of juveniles to navigate the legal systems and find the best outcomes for your children.

Common Types of Juvenile Crimes

The most common types of delinquent acts or crimes prosecuted in the juvenile courts throughout Clark County, Nevada, include:

  • battery and/or other minor crimes of violence
  • violation of probation
  • vandalism including graffiti
  • theft, burglary and/or robbery
  • possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • trespassing private properties
  • sexual misconduct with minors

Resources for Juvenile Cases in Las Vegas, Nevada

Juvenile Division of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office

The Juvenile Division of the Office of the District Attorney in responsible for prosecuting delinquent crimes committed by minors as well as crimes against children. The Juvenile Division of the DA’s office also strives to reduce juvenile crimes, incidences of child abuse and abandonment by their families.

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative was created by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in 1992 after the Detention Reform. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the number of juvenile arrests, help improve the conditions of juvenile confinement and minimize the failure of juveniles to appear before a judge in court.

Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas

The Clark County Juvenile Detention Services serves as a holding facility for children who are arrested for a delinquent or criminal act. In cooperation with The Clark County School District, certain educational services on core subject areas are provided at this facility.

Juvenile Courts of the Eighth Judicial District Courts

The Juvenile Courts at the Eighth Judicial District Courts in Clark County, Nevada handle all juvenile and delinquency cases. The Juvenile Court also handles cases of dependent minors who have been abused and neglected by their parents and guardians.


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