Las Vegas Divorce Filing Decorce Papers

Las Vegas Divorce Filing Decorce Papers

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If you are considering a Las Vegas divorce and your spouse is not willing to sign divorce papers, you can file for divorce by yourself but there are specific forms that must be completed in order to do so. Those forms include a cover sheet, complaint for divorce a summons and a joint preliminary injunction.

The cover sheet must show basic information about you and your spouse and children. The complaint tells the judge the reason, how you want to divide property and debts, alimony and if you want your name restored if you took on your spouse’s last name. If you have children the complaint will also specify the kind of child custody or visitation schedule you want and child support.

A summons is what tells your spouse you have filed for divorce and that they need to respond within 20 days. The joint preliminary injunction prevents both spouses from hiding or selling community property. It prevents either spouse from moving their children out of the Nevada with the intent to interfere with Nevada jurisdiction.

It costs $299 to file papers, which can be submitted either in person, online or through mail.You are responsible for serving the defendant (your spouse), not the courts.

If you are considering a Las Vegas divorce, it would be beneficial to have an experienced divorce attorney from Las Vegas by your side to ensure a fair split. Please send us a message through our contact page or give us a call at 702-942-0600.