Juvenile Detention Center Services

Juvenile Detention Center Services

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Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center Services:

The Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center is a secure and safe facility that holds youths from the age of eight to 18 who have been arrested and accused of conduct that may require them detainment for the safety for the community. There are a variety of support services at the Las Vegas juvenile detention center to care for the juveniles’ physical and mental health.

According to the Clark County government juvenile justice services page, the programs offered at the Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center include everything from self-esteem and drug awareness training to current events, yoga, culture awareness and art. Second-language services are provided as well.

Medical services at the Las Vegas Detention Center included screenings by licensed nurses that begin at booking. Physicians need to clear any medication that is administered to the juveniles. Nurses conduct daily rounds and treat medical issues as they arise. Mental health services are also available the Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center.

Juveniles may be released under The Detention Review and Release Program where they are monitored by GPS and have to abide by specific regulations with unannounced check ups with a probation officer. If a juvenile is found violating the regulations they may face elevated sanctions or return the Las Vegas Juvenile Detention Center.

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