Why Get a Prenuptial Agreement

Why Get a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a contract you and your partner enter into before marriage or civil union. The contract’s topics can vary widely, but mostly discuss the splitting of finances and property should the marriage or union result in divorce.

There is usually a negative connotation associated with a prenup. They are perceived to be unromantic; the assumption that the marriage will one day end. Other people think they are not necessary because they have little to no assets at the time of their marriage. As difficult as it may be to prepare a prenuptial agreement before your marriage, it is a contract that ultimately just encourages you to think about your long term future.

Discuss your finances with your soon to be spouse. Does one of you plan to become a stay at home parent or homemaker? Making arrangements for spousal support beforehand can protect both of you from an unreasonable support award.

The contract can encourage you to talk about your finances, investment plans and spending habits with your significant other. This is especially crucial if you aren’t already living with each other before marriage and are not already in the habit of sharing bills and financial responsibilities. If you are already sharing bills, make sure that the expectations are not changing after marriage, or if they are, that you are okay with the changes in handling the finances for your lives.

Here at Miley Law, family and divorce attorneys in Las Vegas, we understand that the engagement period of your relationship can be the most stressful time– planning a wedding and joining two families on top of discussing your financial future can seem overwhelming. While a prenuptial may not be romantic, the contract will protect you in the long run. If a divorce does occur, splitting time with the kids, moving from your family home, and all other difficulties will be a bit easier knowing your finances are protected. Discussing a prenup while your relationship is strong and growing can prevent fights and resentment in the future and teach you how to handle other struggles in the years to come.

To create a prenuptial agreement, it is best to have a lawyer help you drawn one up, as well as providing full financial disclosure to your future spouse and lawyer. For a consultation, contact Miley Law on our website or call us at 702-942-0600.