Filing for a Las Vegas Divorce Together

Filing for a Las Vegas Divorce Together

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If both you and your spouse agree that a divorce is the best option, it is possible to file for a Joint Petition for Divorce in Las Vegas. This is the simplest way to get a divorce in Nevada. You and your spouse must be in agreement over legal and physical custody of your children if you have children. You must also agree on how much one spouse will pay in child support. You must agree on how to divide property, debts and whether or not one spouse may receive alimony, how much alimony and for how long. Often times when a divorcing couple can agree upon the information that was previously listed, they will not have to appear in court.

Splitting spouses must complete the proper paperwork to file for a Las Vegas divorce, which includes: a cover sheet, an affidavit of resident witness, the joint petition for divorce, a decree of divorce, and if children are involved, a child support and welfare identification form and a COPE certificate. A COPE class is a training program that teaches parents how to help their children adjust to the divorce.

After completion of the proper forms, the paperwork can either be filed in person, online or by mail for $299. After filing you will have to submit the decree to the judge assigned to you. The decree should include: one copy of the filed documents, the original decree with joint petition along with two more copies.

Although filing a joint petition is the easiest way to get a divorce, often times spouses cannot agree on certain issues. If this is the case it is important to hire a divorce attorney in Las Vegas to ensure each spouse receives their fair share. Ed Miley is one of the most trusted divorce lawyers in Las Vegas. Contact Ed Miley today for aconsultation.