Felony Offense

Felony Offense

A person who has been charged with a felony offense in Nevada may face prison time. It is crucial that person seeks a qualified Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to reduce the felony charge and ideally have them dropped.

There are five felony categories in Nevada. The categories are letters A through E, category A being the most serious and category E being the least serious of the categories. Some examples of felonies may include drug charges, DUI, sexual assault, battery with injury, grand theft, as well as many others. The minimum prison sentence for anyone being charged with a felony is one year. A defendant may be sentenced to a prison term between one year and the maximum sentence permitted by Nevada statutes applied to each felony category.

People are often times wrongly convicted. When there is potential for serious consequences like prison time, relying on a public defender is not a wise choice. Although public defenders are qualified, they simply do not have the time to focus as much energy that is needed for felony cases.

There are defenses available for those who have been convicted of a felony charge. Ed Miley is a qualified Las Vegas criminal lawyer who will dedicate the necessary time into investigating your case. Ed Miley’s vast criminal defense knowledge can find the appropriate defenses in any challenging case. If you have been charged with a felony and are looking for qualified Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer, call the Miley Law offices today for aconsultation at 702-902-0600.

A category a felony can be punishable by death, life in prison without parole or life in prison with possibility of parole. If you have been charged with a category A felony it is vital you seek out a qualified Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. Call Ed Miley today at 702-942-0600.