Facts about Family Law in Las Vegas, Nevada

In a perfect scenario, love is something lasts forever. Unfortunately, that is not always the case in every relationship, and when a situation arises, it is important to have the right divorce attorney on your side.

While the Las Vegas landscape has wedding chapels scattered throughout the city, it is also known as “the Divorce Capital of the World.” One of the reasons for this is the relative ease of the city’s short residency requirements. It is also important to note that on average, 13.9 percent of Nevadans over 15 have been divorced, (an average of 30,000 people). This is compared to the average in the United States that is 10.8 percent.

Many states have residency requirements that can go out to a length of up to six months. In Nevada, only a six-week residency is required in Nevada and there is no waiting period. In fact, there were places in Nevada known as “Divorce Ranches” in the mid-1900’s that allowed couples to enjoy a nice vacation stay while they waited for their nuptials to end.

As a result, divorces can be obtained much faster in Nevada than most states, and this is the primary reason as to how Nevada earned its reputation. This is also true in cases, whether being contested or uncontested, where couples can generally obtain a divorce faster in Nevada than what can be accomplished in other states once the proper legal grounds have been met.

For a divorce to be uncontested in Nevada, it has to follow under a few simple requirements. In Clark County, for example, the three reasons are:

Incompatibility with spouse.

The spouses have been living apart from one another for at least one year’s time.

Insanity is present and in existence for at least 2 years before filing for divorce has begun. In addition, there are also two main divorce categories in Nevada:

There is a “Complaint” for divorce, which is when the spouse does not agree on all of the divorce issues.

For this divorce method, there are two filing forms: for a divorcing couple with minor children together and the couple not having minor children together.

There is “Joint Petition” for divorce, which is the case where both spouses agree on all of the divorce issues. As with the other divorce category, there are separate forms for a divorcing couple with minor children together, and also for a divorcing couple without minor children together.

Divorce is never an enjoyable experience, but with the right research and the right representation, it can be a better transition. With the Miley Law Firm, we assist you in Las Vegas divorces of all kinds. Call us for ainitial consultation at: 702-942-0600.