Don’t Let the Judge Decide Your Fate: Divorce Mediation

Don’t Let the Judge Decide Your Fate: Divorce Mediation

When you are in disagreements with your spouse in the middle of your divorce, we understand that it can be frustrating and difficult to communicate with your partner. Many estranged couples are not willing to work on the specifics of their divorce and division of assets because they refuse to work together or even be in the same room.

However, this leaves your fate in the hands of a judge who will look at all the assets and money objectively and decide how to split your belongings without much input from you. The judge has little or no information on the specifics and details of the life you and your spouse once shared. You and your spouse may both be frustrated after the divorce is final with what you received and what you didn’t receive.

Divorce mediation allows you take control of your divorce outcome by working out the details with your spouse and the help of attorneys that act as mediators. Many people view mediation as an undesirable option because it forces them to talk and cooperate to their estranged spouse when perhaps they haven’t been able to do so for weeks, months or even years. The family law divorce mediators are there to help you and make it easier to plan your divorce. They remain objective.

Find Law states, “The mediator provides information about the legal system, how issues may be viewed by lawyers or judges, and what alternatives there are for solving issues.”

The couple and mediator meet in sessions of about one or two hours length. They establish what issues need worked out and what finances need appraised and settled. When all parties reach an agreement, the mediator creates a final draft of agreement for all involved. If the mediator is an attorney, they can assist in filing the divorce papers for the court. Divorce mediation typically takes about three or four sessions, spread out over a month or two, and no court appearances are necessary.

The process can take time, but it’s a much cheaper option than going to court, and you have the control to fight for what you want until you both agree.

Divorce mediation is an especially favorable option for parents because the opposing spouses are encouraged to be more cordial. Mediators help communication begin so that problems can be resolved, and for parents that share custody of children find mediation helpful because they found a way to coordinate together in order to co-parent their children.

Divorce mediation requires clients to be open, honest and work together to agree upon their divorce terms. While this may seem difficult, a good divorce attorney will make mediation easier. You’ll save money by staying out of court, have maximum control over your divorce and the splitting of assets and perhaps even gain a mutual respect for each other as you learn how to navigate through this together.

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