Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys

When all other options at reconciliation fail, and divorce is the only viable option, it is important to not go it alone. To ensure that each party in the divorce gets fair treatment and the result is an amicable split, it is strongly advised that a divorce attorney should be hired. Miley Law Firm is equipped with Las Vegas divorce attorney specialists to assist you.

The role that a Las Vegas divorce attorney plays in the separation is important. They represent their client in court during divorce action, and handles various tasks, such as meeting with their potential client in order to discuss the facts and details of the case. At this stage, the divorce attorney gathers information to assess what needs to be done in order to achieve the client’s goal.

In turn, the divorce attorney takes this information to determine whether there are valid grounds for the clients to divorce. In Nevada, the divorce is considered “No Fault”, meaning that the family court doesn’t attempt to assess or direct the blame for the divorce to either party. In other words, neither party is punished for ending the marriage, and therefore does not punish either party for ending the marriage, nor are there any grounds needed to initiate a divorce.

During this procedure, a Las Vegas divorce attorney’s primary responsibility is to provide an outline of the divorce procedures, as well as the specification of any specific client responsibilities.

When it comes to any family law representation, Miley Law Firm assists clients in their transition. Call us to make an appointment for aconsultation with a family law Las Vegas attorney at Miley Law Firm: 702-942-0600.