Division of Property

Division of Property

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If you are going through a divorce you will need a qualified divorce attorney in Las Vegas to make sure each spouse receives fair division of property. Property is considered either to be separate or community property. Separate property includes items that belonged to each spouse before getting married and may include some things that a spouse acquired during the marriage like gifts or inheritance. Other examples of separate property includes land or real estate that a spouse may have owned before the marriage and personal injury awards.

Community property includes items that were acquired during the marriage. Sometimes spouses may disagree on what is considered separate property and what is considered community property. In this case, a Las Vegas family law judge may divide community property between divorcing spouses if they cannot come to an agreement. Some examples of community property includes cars, stocks, bonds, real estate and life insurance policies.

Debt, similar to property, may divided between the spouses or considered separate depending on who it belongs to. Types of community debt may include: banking debts, mortgage balances on a home, car or boat, credit card debt, loans payable to friends or family, school loans if they are not premarital, as well as medical bills.

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce in Nevada, you will need an experienced divorce attorney in Las Vegas to ensure you receive fair division of property. Please contact the Miley Law office Las Vegas for aconsultation at 702-942-0600.