Criminal Record Sealing

Criminal Record Sealing

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Criminal record sealing hides your past charges from any public, private or government agencies. There are some situations where the records for can be accessed but after sealing criminal records its as if the incident never happened. Although the FBI and CIA will still have access to your records. If you need assistance in sealing your criminal record, Ed Miley Law criminal defense attorney Las Vegas can help you in doing so.

Contacting a criminal lawyer Las Vegas to seal your criminal records results in gaining back the following privileges: the right to vote, to serve on a jury, to ability to deny criminal record on job applications, and the ability to hold office. After having your records sealed a potential employer would have no access to your criminal past.

You cannot get records expunged in Nevada only sealed. The process of getting your records sealed can take anywhere from six to eight months. Hiring Ed Miley criminal lawyer Las Vegas can help guide you through the process. First you will need to file a petition to the courts, requesting they seal your record. It is possible to seal your records yourself, however this requires a lot of work and can be confusing. If you

Please contact Ed Miley, Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, if you want to have your records sealed. Hiring an experienced attorney to do this for you ensures it will be done right giving you peace of mind. You can reach us at 702-902-0600 or you can send us a message through our contact page.

Expunged- When a criminal record is expunged, it is erased as if it never existed. This option is not available in Nevada. However, having your records sealed is nearly the same as getting it expunged. If you need to have your records sealed, contact Ed Miley, criminal defense attorney Las Vegas, today.