Criminal Record Sealing Process

Criminal Record Sealing Process

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There are certain steps that are necessary to take in order to get your records sealed in Nevada. Ed Miley, criminal defense attorney Las Vegas, can ensure the process is done right giving you peace of mind.

The first thing to do before filing a petition to the courts is getting a current copy of your criminal history from the Las Vegas police department. One you have the proper documents you must type out a stipulation, petition, affidavit and order. The documents must include all the arrests that you wish to be sealed, the dates of the arrest, the charges and the the disposition of each arrest. After completion, you can mail your package off at the Las Vegas District Attorney Office or drop it off by hand. After four to eight months you will get a response denying or approving your request. In order to ensure this process is done correctly it is important to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.

If the charges are still pending you can not request for your records to be sealed. Getting arrested during the waiting period of getting your record sealed can prevent this from happening. The severity of the crime also plays a role in getting your records sealed. Crimes against children cannot be sealed. Before your record is sealed you must fulfill your sentence. If your case is dismissed you may be eligible to get your records sealed as long as you have no other charges pending. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas can help you verify if you are eligible.

Please contact Ed Miley, Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, if you want to have your records sealed. You can reach us at 702-942-0600 or you can send us a message through our contact page.