Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you need a Las Vegas criminal lawyer on your side, look no further than Edward R. Miley and Miley Law Firm. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience defending the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses at every stage of the case, starting with the arrest.

We realize that all cases are different. If you or someone you know has been accused of a criminal offense in Las Vegas our criminal defense lawyers will use their years of knowledge and know-how to get your charges dropped, dismissed or reduced. Our track record confirms that our attorneys are capable of handling the toughest cases.

Being accused of a criminal offense can lead to serious consequences. Miley Law Firm’s Las Vegas lawyers know how overwhelming this can be. Our aim is to build a personal relationship with you through one-on-one education and guidance, putting you at ease knowing our criminal defense attorneys are personally committed to your case.

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Seek aconsultation with a Las Vegas criminal lawyer at the Miley Law Firm and find peace of mind. Contact us at: 702-942-0600 and make an appointment for aconsultation.