Las Vegas Child Custody

The family law lawyers of the Miley Law Firm make you and your family a priority. We undertake each case personally and professionally represent parents in child custody proceedings. If your divorce includes custody or visitation queries, the Las Vegas divorce attorneys of Miley Law Firm administer experienced assistance to ensure a stable environment for your kids. We help lessen the burden and stress a divorce may put upon a family. Allow us to help you in every stage of a child custody conflict in the Las Vegas court system.

If you are a father who needs a paternity test, the Miley Law Firm Las Vegas divorce lawyers are effective and proficient. In the case of joint legal custody in the state of Nevada, both the mother and father have the right to have a voice in the decision-making process when it comes to vital situations. Divorce and custody battles can be a complicated and stressful process in which our experienced family law lawyers are well-equipped to guide you. Here at the Miley Law Firm, we can help protect your parental rights.

Miley Law Firm Las Vegas divorce attorneys continuously keep you and your children’s best interest in mind. Call us to make an appointment for aconsultation with a family law Las Vegas attorney at Miley Law Firm.