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The child custody lawyers at the Miley Law Firm make you and your family a priority. We undertake each case personally and professionally, and represent parents in child custody proceedings. If your divorce includes custody or visitation, we can administer experienced assistance to ensure a stable environment for your kids. We help lessen the burden and stress a divorce may put upon a family. Allow us to help you in every stage of a child custody conflict in the Las Vegas court system.

In the case of joint legal custody in the state of Nevada, both the mother and father have the right to have a voice in the decision-making process when it comes to vital situations. Custody battles can be a complicated and stressful process in which our experienced custody lawyers are well-equipped to guide you. Here at the Miley Law Firm, we can help protect your parental rights.

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Types of Child Custody in Las Vegas Courts

Divorces are often complicated and when children are involved the situation can become even more complex, which is why it is important to have the best child custody lawyers in Las Vegas to make sure both parents receive fair supervision privileges. If you and your spouse are splitting, all child custody issues need to be resolved during the divorce process. Physical custody and legal custody are the two types of guardianship in Nevada. It is also important to know that type of custody directly affects child support.

Legal Child Custody:

Having legal custody allows the parent to manage educational, religious, and medical decisions. Joint legal custody, the most common form of custody in Las Vegas cases, allows both parents a voice in these decisions.

Child Support:

Child custody arrangements set the general framework for child support payments. If one parent has primary physical custody, child support is based on the paying parent’s gross income. If both parents share joint physical custody, then child support is determined between the incomes of the parents. For a child custody lawyer in Las Vegas that is knowledgeable and experienced with custody and child support issues, contact Miley Law Firm today.

Physical Child Custody:

This determines who the child lives with and during what time. Equal time is the standard in most custody cases. There are some situations where a one parent has primary physical custody. This is where the child or children live with this parent for the majority of the time and that parent is the primary caregiver. The most common reason for primary physical custody is because one the spouses agrees to the terms.

In other cases the distance between spouses or work schedules may attribute to one parent having primary physical custody. There are also some unfortunate situations where one parent may not be suitable to have joint custody due to alcohol or drug problems, domestic violence history or mental stability issues.

Finding a good Child Custody lawyer in Las Vegas

In the midst of a child custody battle, the pressure of winning legal rights to the child/children can overshadow other aspects of the situation, such as the emotional toll it takes on the kids. In the Las Vegas area, Miley Law specializes in child custody with their interest in mind. In order to achieve the best outcome, there are things you can do to help your case and help your child through this difficult time as well.

  • Don’t talk badly about the other parent while the children are around. If one parent is constantly putting down the other, the child may feel alienated from you or the other parent, or like they have to choose sides. They may feel like they have to be the mediator between the parents, which can be a confusing and taxing role for a child.
  • Be willing to respect the child’s relationship with the other parent. If you can appreciate the value of their relationship, it will show the child that you do have their best interest in mind, as well as reinforce that you wish to be civil and mature about this parting.
  • Respect your children’s wishes if they want to call the other parent. Allowing the child to have open communication with both of you will help their transition into living separately from one parent each.
  • Let the other parent know if you are planning to leave town for a trip, or vacation. If you fail to communicate this, it may look like you are attempting to flee and kidnap the children, and your chances for custody could be in jeopardy.

Miley Law will handle your custody case with sensitivity and professionalism. We want to do our best to help you win custody, and your cooperation can help both you and your child greatly with this transition. Contact Miley Law for a consultation to see how we can help you.

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