Child Abuse Case Filed After 8 Year Old Boy Shot Himself

Child Abuse Case Filed After 8 Year Old Boy Shot Himself

The Clark County district attorney’s office will pursue felony child abuse charges after an 8-year-old boy shot and killed himself back in October. Police reported no adults were present when Clayton Singleton shot himself and died on October 10 at his home. Clayton and his 5 year old sister were left home alone, and investigators confirmed there were multiple guns in the home that were not secured away.

Jeffrey Hamilton, the boyfriend of Clayton’s mother will be charged with one felony count of child abuse, neglect, or endangerment. His punishment ranges from probation to prison. Hamilton and the mother failed to secure the weapons and provide adequate supervision to the children by leaving them home alone.

“A young boy is dead, a family is grieving and nobody wins in a situation like this,” District Attorney Steve Wolfson said. Nonetheless, Wolfson said he has a legal obligation. “Leaving these children home alone, with loaded weapons that were not properly secured, contributed to this young boy losing his life,” he said.

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