Annulment Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

Annulment Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

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It is not uncommon that couples who had a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas may want an annulment. An annulment is where the court determines that a marriage that was entered is void or voidable. If you were married under Nevada’s jurisdiction and want an annulment you may need a Las Vegas divorce attorney to help you navigate the process.

There are certain stipulations that are necessary to qualify a marriage for annulment. Common reasons include: a lack of understanding where a person did not fully recognize what a marriage is, fraud, meaning someone was tricked into the marriage either by false promises or some other form of coercion, and lack of capacity meaning that one or both parties were intoxicated during the time of the marriage. It is not required that the parties are residents of Nevada for an annulment. Due to marriages being apart of Las Vegas culture, many people travel from out of state to get married.

A marriage is determined void if the courts decide that the marriage was never legal. If this was the parties first marriage then their legal marital status would be never been married after the annulment.

Often times parties splitting want an annulment as opposed to a divorce but the court may not grant the possibility or your spouse may not want to sign the annulment papers. If this is the case you need a family law attorney in Las Vegas to help you proceed with the annulment with a Complaint of Annulment as well as a Complaint for Divorce. Contact Ed Miley, the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas, today for aconsultation at 702-942-0600.

Complaint for Annulment- If you are not filing a Joint Petition Annulment where both spouses agree to the annulment, one party can file a complaint annulment. If you need a qualified divorce attorney in Las Vegas, contact Ed Miley today Best divorce attorney las vegas, family law attorney las vegas, las vegas divorce attorney.