How to Act Around Your Kids During Your Las Vegas Divorce Part Two

How to Act Around Your Kids During Your Las Vegas Divorce Part Two

In Part One of our blog, we discussed the factors that you can control in order to make your divorce easier on the children. This week we continue with helpful tips to help the whole family in this time of transition, provided by our team of divorce attorneys in Las Vegas here at Miley Law.

Find Support In Your Friends and Family— Not your Kids: Your children didn’t choose this divorce, nor do they have any way to know how to help you through it. Do not confide all the dirt you have on your spouse to your kids. Save your frustrations and struggles for your friends, family and therapist. Sometimes children want to know details of the divorce, or may seem mature enough to handle it, yet they’re too involved. They’ll only be hurt and feel a heavy burden to somehow fix the situation or pick sides.

Never Badmouth Your Ex Within Earshot of the Kids: Your children have two parents that they love unconditionally. You and your ex are their role models and support system. Don’t make them choose sides, pass on gossip or be the mediator in your fights with your ex. Respect that they love their parent. Don’t make them feel like they shouldn’t or that they’re wrong for it.

Long term studies show that your divorce won’t stop your children from finding happy and healthy relationships themselves. Yet the fighting that goes on during and after the divorce will damage your children and make it more difficult for them to ever recover from the pain of your divorce, or create healthy relationships in their future. Keeping these ideas in mind will help you from making the mistake of dragging your children into the pain. Take control of your divorce in a positive way so you can make the best future possible for you and your children.

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