5 Reasons to Make a Prenuptial Agreement

5 Reasons to Make a Prenuptial Agreement

May 11, 2021
By Edward Miley

How a Prenup Can Help You Protect Assets and Prepare for the Future

Over the past several years, a clear trend has emerged: Americans are getting married later in life. This means that many men and women are entering marriages with more assets, more debts, and more decisions to make. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people that can help them prepare for the future and protect assets in the event of separation or divorce.

At the Miley Law Firm, our attorneys are well-versed in helping people create, challenge, modify or enforce premarital agreements. We are experienced lawyers that understand how challenging these conversations can be. Our law firm is here to provide advice and representation on these topics so that you are protected in the future. 

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  1. Prenups Let You Decide What Happens

Without a premarital agreement, the courts will decide what happens with your belongings and wealth after the marriage ends. A prenup allows you and your spouse to make an agreement about each of your rights and responsibilities if the marriage or relationship ends. 

While it may be difficult to talk about initially, premarital agreements provide a level of protection and clarification for both you and your spouse.

  1. It Protects Your Property and Business

The most important reason to create and agree to a prenup is that it can protect your property and assets. According to the United States Census Bureau, the median age at first marriage is 28 years old for women and 31 for men. People in every state are waiting longer to get married, many are establishing careers, and may even enter marriage owning property.

A prenuptial agreement protects all assets owned prior to marriage and creates a legal, enforceable contract for what should happen if the marriage ends. Premarital agreements are also crucial for people who own businesses before getting married.

  1. They Save Time and Money

Entering into a premarital agreement takes the guesswork out of how assets and debts should be distributed upon death, divorce, or separation. Prenups can address several issues, including alimony, rights to real property owned by a single person, and obligations regarding a spouse’s debt.

  1. Premarital Agreements Help You Plan for the Future

Conversations about finances are never easy, but they are critical in any relationship. A premarital agreement forces couples to have these conversations so that everyone is clear about what each party owns prior to marriage and the debts that they have incurred. 

Under Nevada law, for a premarital agreement to be enforceable, each party must have an “adequate knowledge of the property or financial obligations of the other party.”

  1. They Can Provide for Your Children

If you have children from a previous relationship, a prenuptial agreement can help ensure that they are protected in the event of divorce or death. By agreeing to this kind of contract, you can make sure that your property is passed to your children in the way you intended.

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